Brace yourself for a fun trip full of colours, adventure and positivity! The most cute and bubbly animated films are here for the whole family to enjoy!


Marco Savini
color, 5'27" | Italy 2020
A small sweet story about friendship, answering one of the great questions of humanity: where balloons go when they run from the kids?

Across the Bridge

Alisha Steinberger, Chao Goody Wu 
color, 5'06" | Canada 2020
We were interested in portraying the relationship between two siblings, who have grown apart, but find their friendship again through a game. Growing up with siblings, we can relate to our characters, and we hope that others will be able to as well.

Far Isle

Laura Robinson, Gavin Haplin
color, 7'30" | United Kingdom 2020
Through a series of enchanting encounters, Fern discovers how to see the world from a different perspective.

Go Fetch

David Coole 
color, 2'10" | USA 2020
A dirty old tennis ball is tired of his life as a dogs chew toy. He escapes the dog and tries to find new friends at the tennis court. However, the brand new tennis balls that live there reject him. The dirty ball goes home and forms a plan to use the dog to get his revenge on the clean balls.


Maarten Lemmens
color, 2'06" | USA 2020
During a foodball goalkeeper's frustration of being unable to get involved in the action, his pole breaks. He tries to show that he is meant for more than 'just' a goalkeeper. However, he quickly comes to realize that the goalkeeper position is an extremely important part of the team and game.


Makenzie Hooks  
color, 2'57" | USA 2020
An artistic reflection on one of Ireland's beloved cultural symbols: the Galway Hooker, or húicéir in Irish. The iconic fishing vessel is absolutely unique to the west coast of Ireland. The film follows a shipwright who, upon discovering a derelict boat on the shore, delves into the "memories" of the húicéir as it was in its glory days, in its eventual decline into disuse, and in its modern revival.


Callum Reeve, Aidan Lonergan
color, 1'38" | UK 2020
A cleanup robot goes wrong.


Jose Batista, Antonio Cintron Rivera 
color, 4'26" | USA 2020
Juan Gutierrez is a small onion man that realizes that his "curse" of making people cry is actually the best gift life could have given him.


Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe WIlson  
color, 8'25" | USA 2019
Kapaemahu reveals the healing power of four mysterious stones on Waikiki Beach – and the legendary transgender spirits within them. The stones still stand on what is now Waikiki Beach, but the true story behind them has been hidden – until now. Narrated in an ancient Hawaiian dialect, Kapaemahu brings a powerful legend back to life, seen through the eyes of a curious child.

Long Way Down

Brandon Lopez
color, 1'40" | USA 2020
A round, chunky cat is lazily playing with a squeaky mouse toy on top of a steep staircase. After accidentally nudging the toy, the feline heads down into an inevitable predicament.


Chao Ming Lee
color, 1'28" | Taiwan 2019
Tears are soft fountain, when my tears flow,may add some moisture to the world.


Rachel Middleton
color, 2'32" | UK 2019
Two islands each with a lonely resident, how will they reach each other?

Reaching for Sunlight

Franki Furnell
color, 3'03" | Australia 2020
Like a plant fuelled by sunlight, 12 year old Florissa is fuelled by academic praise. But when you're convinced that you're the classroom's brightest shining star, what happens when someone dims your light?

The Lighthouse Man

Matthew Walton
color, 4'48" | Canada 2020
A friendly giant struggles to adapt to the growth of an out-port community he calls home.

World Of The Fluffs

Chaisi Glover 
color, 1'45" | Canada 2019
What happens when the fluff that collects in your pocket comes to life? Or a ball of hair that doesn't get caught by the vacuum? They have to learn survive in unforgiving environments. This is the story of a piece of fluff who lives in a glove, and his journey to build a nest for the winter months when he will be evicted from his home.
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