Anyone who has traveled to the Balkan region knows this: They share common history, cultural similarities, folk art, dances and traditions. But, what about animation? Let's find out! Films all the way from the Adriatic to the Black Sea, bringing the Balkans even closer.


Necmettin Asma
color, 3'25" | Turkey 2020
The world is changing rapidly. The technological developments, that we have to keep up with, are affecting our daily life deeply, transforming communication among people
Do we really communicate? Or are we alone in this communication cacophony? This movie is exactly looking for the answer to the question.

Candy Can

Anton Octavian, Mihai Mitrica
color, 9'16" | Romania 2020
A vulnerable boy works very hard to escape from a stark reality. He surrounds himself by a world of toys and games but as the truth starts to emerge h is refuge might turn out to be a trap.


Semiramis Mamata
color, 4'34" | Greece 2020
A colourful trip

Mistaken Freedom

Vasilis Hatzopoulos
color, 0'54" | Greece 2019 
A short animated story about freedom


Ioanna Tsolakidou
color, 4'43", Greece 2020
The film deals with psychological issues such as anxiety disorder, universal doubt, and hysterical crisis, and pictures them in a compassionate, artistic, and humorous way by personifying them through animated cartoon creatures.


Dimitar Dimitrov
b&w, 3'30", Bulgaria 2020
A person's state of mind, under a long quarantine.


Tamara Bogovac, Miloš Ivanović
color, 3'07" | Serbia 2020
We meet a scientist from the field of Astronomy and the interest that started in his early childhood.
Halley’s Comet, as a motive, leads us into the bright past of the little boy, Tatomir, who plays marble taw games with his peers. In a fantastic way, through play and curiosity, he begins his journey to explore the Universe.

The Meaning

Iva Ćirić, Miloš Ivanović
b&w, 3'04" | Serbia 2019
Through visual metaphors and the symbolic language of animation, the film describes a philosophy on the meaning in life. Inspired by an original audio recording from 1982, a famous Serbian novelist is searching for the answer to the question: “Is there a meaning in life and if there is, where is it…?”


Magdalena Stoilova
color, 5'25" | Bulgaria 2020
"I'm left with a piece of the horizon that the city tries to crush to hurt me" 
"Skyless" is a film about looking to the past and tripping over the present. About someone who doesn't know where to go when the world turns against them. And about finding hope when you bother to look up.

The Feathers That Smell of The Sea

Žoel Kastelic
color, 3'28" | Slovenia 2019
The story revolves around a cormorant bird, who is a symbol of being split between two worlds. Just as people can live between two worlds, so can the cormorant, who is a bird living the life of a fish . Such life is not impossible, but the cormorant still has to surface to get some air and has to dry its wings.

The Parrot Lady

Michalis Kalopaidis
color, 6'45" | Cyprus 2020
'The parrot lady' is inspired by a true story. The film works as an artistic interpretation of a woman's life who chose to live on the streets with her parrots, afraid of dying alone in her home.

The Red String

Alexandra Fuscas, Cosmina Sandor 
color, 5'21" | Romania 2019
Dan is stuck in a routine working in a travel agency. One day, before his eyes appears a red string, following it will lead to an eye-opening discovery.


Sandro Toth
color, 1'05" | Croatia 2019
The year is 1812 and Napoleon has invaded Russia, what will it take to stop him!?
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