The five senses are being stimulated: Dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine increase, leading to euphoria. Fulfilment, alertness and excitement result in intense heartbeat, dilated pupils and shaking. Serotonin now reduces the brain blood flow, causing cloudiness and decreased ability to concentrate. In a nutshell: Horny.


Bárbara Cerro
b&w, 1'04" | Argentina 2020
The cycles of the moon mark our lives, our rhythms. It is said that the moon is connected with the woman's cycles. Like the cycles of the moon and plants, menstruation represents the regeneration of life. The moon is the feminine. Artemis is the Goddess of the Moon and is the name of the mission that will take the first woman to the Moon in 2024.

Best Animal Videos

Katarzyna Miechowicz
color, 6'27" | Poland 2020
Swan's life is simple and quiet. Everything turns upside down when he meets a crazy cat named Tony.


Dominica Harrison, Abigail Addison
color, 7'24" | United Kingdom 2020
During a long hot summer in the forest, Child is forced to grow up. A coming of age story, set in an enchanted Russian wilderness.


Kata Gugić, Vinko Brešan, Tomislav Buntak
color, 4'34" | Croatia 2020
A short opera inspired by Aesop's fable The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle.


Sara Hirner, Rosemary Vasquez-Brown
color 4'01" | Australia 2020
To Nikki’s surprise, she has thrush. Who knew you weren’t meant to be wet 24/7? While Tammy is busy being caring and inclusive, Glenn makes it her mission to get thrush and reign true as Queen G again. It can’t be too hard - she wears exclusively activewear! How far will Glenn go to conquer the clique, and social media at large?

Internal Affairs

David Sick
color, 2'42" | Germany 2020 
When a guy fells in love at first sight, an inner conflict sets in whether he should hit on her or not.


Weronika Szyma
color 5'39", Poland 2020
When a girl meets her mirror reflection, unexpectedly her fears and insecurities about her body turn into a passionate and free self exploration. Her fantasies come to life. But there’s also a darker side of this game. Is it possible to become united with your own self?

Nox Insomnia

Guy Charnaux 
color, 7'54" | Brazil 2020
A three-act epic about a seven-year old boy who can't sleep, thinking about his issues. He hears something coming from his parents' room, some loud and disturbing noises. What could that be? A story about childhood, sex and insomnia.

Pick Your Poison

Zoe Pham
color, 5'47" | USA 2020
Two people fall madly in love until their love bubble pops. Their minds speak louder than their words.


David Štumpf, Michaela Mihályi,
Ondřej Šejnoha

color, 13'08" | Czech Republic 2020
The caretaker exhausted by everything, his frustrated wife and one totally depressed deer. Their
mutual despair leads them to absurd events, because... shit happens all the time.

Something Else

Élodie Roy
color, 3'56" | Canada 2020
A young asexual woman is confronted to a hypersexual environment promoting a unique model of intimacy in which she doesn't feel represented. "Something Else" is an animated film about the emotional emptiness created by sexual normativity, an omnipresent concept in our contemporary world.

Wet & Soppy

Cliona Noonan
color, 4'02" | Ireland 2019
A weather-tormented man who just wants to dry his underwear is forced to use the local laundromat each evening.

Yesterday I grew a friend

Adrianna Matwiejczuk
color, 6'13" | Poland 2020
In friendship-driven world, young lonely man decides to try unconventional methods to find his soulmate.
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