This is an effort to give rise to social consciousness and reveal the sensitive side of animation. Just like every year, this film block is devoted to freedom and equality. The block is funded by Heinrich Böll Stiftung Greece and the best film will be awarded by the Select Respect network, consisted of 15 organisations that spread awareness on human rights. This year we have expanded this category, by adding two more film blocks: “Introspective” and “Gender Equality”.

Drawing Life

Luciano Lagares, Laura Morales
b&w, 12'52 | Brazil 2018
An unmotivated caricaturist draws people in the street. One day, a woman pulling a sick and incommunicable boy in a wheelchair appears. The drawer observes him, scrutinizing the life that activates the simplest emotions, joy, anger, disappointment and happiness.
As a connection is established, an atmosphere full of fantasy, fun drawings and funny situations is created by an unlikely communication process.


Toby Mory
color, 4'06" | Germany 2020 
Helena was born in Poznań in 1925, was a good student and grew up embraced by the love of her family. One day, on her way to school the Nazis arrested her. This is her story during the regime and after the end of WWII. Despite the injustice and all the sufferings Helena´s experience can teach us valuable and timeless lessons of resistance, courage and hope for a better world.


Jishnav Iyer
color, 2'09" | India 2020 
Three rats are presented with a slab of cheese on a stool. In order to get to the cheese they have to cooperate, which leads to conflict.

Me and my magnet and my dead friend

Liu Maoning
color, 13'05" | China 2019
A magnet that accompanied me to grow up and a dead friend was the symbol of my past years. I tied the magnet to the trousers and pulled it out all day. Blocks or coins make me very happy. Until I met the friend who wanted to fly to the universe, he was as fat as I was, and then he accidentally fell into the water and died. My childhood was over.


Sebastian Doringer
color, 6'13" | Austria 2020
"One Left" takes place in a world where life is symbolized by a heart pictogram that appears above a person's head. Several patients are waiting in a doctor’s office to hear test results regarding their remaining lifetimes. In most cases, the allotted time is not as long as they had hoped for.

Strawberry Candy

Nianze Li, Koji Yamamura
color, 6'41" | China 2020
She has an unspeakable secret but the memory is gradually fading. The little girl is no longer sure if it was a dream or reality.

The Social Cube

Bety Suchanová, Ondřej Šejnoha
color, 4'08" | Czech Republic 2019
Resurrect our imaginations beyond the four wall of our social cage. An animated essay about global situation of our society living in neoliberalism which tends to constant need of growth and increases inequality. Film is pointing out problems most of the people face in their everyday life without noticing it, and encourages us for seeking brighter prospects for the future and break through.


Lida Fazli
color, 8'51" | Iran 2019
In short, the story of the film is that no border can prevent the formation of friendships and affection between children, and I wish that the world of adults, like the world of children, is full of peace and friendship.

What is corruption?

Toby Mory
color, 1'42" | Germany 2020 
Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. This film for Transparency Interational explains in a nutshell the way corruption works and the systems that enable it.
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