Dare to step into the maze of human mind? Join us, in an effort to unlock the mysteries of the soul. Stress, fear, obsession, depression, the struggle with therapy, the redemption...Dive into a sea full of emotions and discover the most precious treasures: the ones we hide within.


Valentina Giorgi, Arianna Morganti, Dennis Pezzolato, Giulia Zanette
color, 5'29" | Italy 2020
A little girl finds the courage to face the frightening world of depression in which her mother lives.


Ala Nunu Leszynska
color, 5'00" | United Kingdom 2020 
A short story about living with and as a headless person.


Carol Sakura, Walkir Fernandes 
color, 14'27" | Brazil 2019 
Muriel could not swim, she was so afraid. A fear that echoed the distance of her mother and brought up monsters of childhood. Dipped in herself, she now seeks the voice and air that she always lacked as a girl and a woman.

Each and Every Night

Julie Robert
color, 11'33" | France 2020
Since childhood, Lea has been seeing ghostly deer looming around her. Now that she is in a relationship with Maud, the visions are getting worse. How can she prove to her girlfriend, and to herself, that this is a real problem to be dealt with?


Markus Eberhard, Gerd Gockell
color, 5'54" | Switzerland 2020
Harry is a completely hairy person whose hair rapidly grows and falls out again. He tries to deal with this problem and to keep his apartment in order before his lost hair gets out of hand.


Julia Berdollt, Auriane Remond, Mathilde Girard, Abigaelle Michel, Victoria Lallemand, Franck Petitta 
color, 7'44" | France 2019
Kumagai, a veteran samurai is forced to kill a mysterious opponent on the battlefield. When he comes back home, he has to learn to live again next to his wife but the memory of his deed keeps haunting him and is destroying him day after day.


O Khe Yn 
color, 3'08" | Russia 2019
A short film about a girl, whose obsession with perfectionism went too far.


Andreana Boatta, Filippo di Piramo, Alice di Natale, Nicola Giacomelli
color, 5'58" | Italy 2020
A journey halfway between dream and memories of a boy who does not understand where he is going and what his place is. While no one can answer his questions, this journey will make him face his life as an adult.


Julia Skala, Oscar Jacobson 
color, 6'03" | Germany 2020
After an exhausting rainy day, a young woman is struggling with her growingly overwhelming feelings. Initially, she has difficulties allowing her tears and fights actively against them. She desperately tries to keep out the rain, which more and more vehemently makes its way into her apartment. Yet as soon as she learns to accept and appreciate the rain, she finds comfort and consolation in her own tears.

The Fight-or-flight Response

Cecile Regis, Julien Bartissol, Sabine Aime, Agathe Capin, Margot Rousseau
color, 6'10" | France 2019
When John-Boris Keybusiness, a man overwhelmed by fear of flying, is forced to get on a plane, nothing happens as planned... Dun dun duuuuunnnn

The man who never saw the rain

Miguel Muñoz
color, 2'00" | Spain 2020 
What if you've never seen it rain?
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