Welcome to the mystery box! This is a place for all of you who feel like watching anything and find it hard to choose. From sad to hilarious, from black and white to an explosion of colours, this film block is a rollercoaster that you will most definitely enjoy.

Bube Maises

Or Levy
color, 6'00 | Israel 2020
Yaffa is a 80 years old woman who live in a nursing home and has dementia. the dementia causes her to live her childhood again. At that time, her dad who was a business man was traveling the world and sending her postcards from every country he visited, and she imagined her with him in his adventures. at the end we find out that her daughter, Miri, is forging Yaffa this postcards today to keep her mother happy.


Martin Kamminga, Conway Dobbs
color, 1'39" | United Kingdom 2019
Two kings do battle for supremacy on the chess board.


Marion Auvin 
color, 13'29" | France 2020 
Through my film, I wanted to talk about the opposition of a stressful, exciting atmosphere of a shooting, to a prolonged, indeterminate waiting time in which my character, Jean, a well-known actor, will suddenly become paralyzed through a banal everyday gesture: shaving his beard. Jean will be destabilized by the radical change in the way those around him look at him.


Anatole Bournique, Maeva Chaulvet, Katia Hochstetter, Nicolas Jaffre, Thais Mercier
color, 6'27" | France 2019
In a Parisian suburb, a young and promising boxer has to find a way to ensure the future of his little sister, a piano prodigy.

Mime your manners

Kate Namowicz, Skyler Porras
color, 3'20" | USA 2020
An arrogant man berates a mime. As a consequence, he is transformed into a mime until he learns to treat others how he would like to be treated.


Claire Eyheramendy
color, 1'24" | France 2019
A priest realises he possesses the power of levitation - with unholy results!

Pearl diver

Margrethe Danielsen
color, 9'00" | Norway 2020
Three couples are facing different challenges: A middle aged hedgehog falls in love with a balloon, but finds it difficult to maintain his grooming routine. A couple of arctic lovers are experiencing a coldness between them, and two oysters are losing patience as they wait to be on the same schedule.

The City Shores

Pierre Watteyne
color, 7'57" | Belgium 2019
Célestin is an old urban fisherman living in his solitary bubble while he indulges in his routine : fishing along the canal of the city. One day his nightmares and memories caught up with him, finally leading him to a new encounter.

The Winter

Xin Li
color, 5'00" | Australia, China 2020
Walking in a snowy forest, a peasant sees an unusual deer and goes to follow it. The deer allures him and the peasant even wants to catch it.

The Zillas

Christian Franz Schmidt 
color, 4'45" | Germany 2019
The Zillas, a huge family of lizards, emerge from the sea and notice that their traditional picnic area is inhabited by humans and other monsters.

Wild West Compressed

Christi Kaufmann, Linda Krauss
color, 2'39" | Germany 2019
The wild west! Cowboys galloping through vast landscapes, yearning looks into the distance, huge egos duelling to the blood - of course it needs the wide screen! But following the slogan‚ 'Vertical is the new widescreen‘ even the western has to keep up with the times. With the new 'Mobilescope' the genre expects of it's cowboys the same cool performance as we are used to. Will that work well?
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