The circle of life and everything in it...Are we still in it? Will we miss the birds and the bees, the trees and the ice... or will they outlive us? There’s still time to make things right with mother Nature. All we need is a small act of kindness. A series of animations about humans and the environment.

Cracks in the pavement

Nicolas Conte
color, 8'51" | Argentina 2019
A beautiful and delicate flower grows amidst the asphalt jungle. A street rubbish bin witnesses the mistreatment of the Flower in the polluted public way. Concerned about her torment, the rubbish bin seeks a way to protect her.

Empty Spaces

Grégoire de Bernouis 
color, 2'00" | France 2017
An isolated house, in the middle of the desert. Men in suits try to occupy their time. They reinvent a daily past, with nothing around them.


Brenda Ximena, Roldan Romero 
color, 01'15" | United Kingdom 2020 
'Gaia' is the story of an Australian Koala. In a traditional wooden theatre set, we follow our puppet koala (Gaia) to discover how innocent and playful she is when she comes down from her tree to investigate some strange lights and sounds from the forest. Soon she realises is a dangerous fire, and when she tries to escape she realizes there is no way out.

Quarantine Chorus

Edoardo Sartori
color, 1'00" | United Kingdom 2020
A small Italian town learns the spirit o co-operation during the Corona Lockdown.

Sad Beauty

Aarjan Brentjes
color, 9'50" | Netherlands 2020
In a heavily polluted world, a young woman mourns the disappearance of animal species. When she falls ill due to a bacterial infection, nature appears to send her a message in her hallucinations.

Sea You

Ben Brand
color, 2'25" | Netherlands 2019
Would you feel it? Would you know it? Travel back in time and see for yourself...

Simple PresentS

Catalina Matamoros
color, 1'21" | Colombia 2020
Without the outside noise, a family of three learns to rediscover
and enjoy the daily presents that exist in their everyday routines.

The Flat

Lev Voloshin, Dmitri Voloshin
color, 1'00" | Moldova 2019
Every day, each and every one of us produces garbage: at work, at school, at home, on a walk. Everywhere. The short film describes the journey of trash on the planet. The ending of the film leaves open the question: what is the final destination of garbage and what happens to it?

The Peculiar Crime of Oddball Mr Jay

Bruno Caetano
color, 10'50" | Portugal 2020
In a city where nature has been forbidden, a small crime by a simple man triggers a chain of unexpected consequences.


Guodong Yu, Bradley Hawkins  
color, 8'00" | China 2019
In bitterly cold northeast China, generations of locals survive in the wilderness by hunting for their food. A young boy born into this culture develops a strong connection with the forest and the wildlife living there, while the relationship between the boy and his father grows increasingly tense, like the thick winter snow of winter that resists melting with the coming change of seasons.
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